Australian made & designed

Combine seeding & cultivation


Large capacity hopper - 95 litres per metre length

  • Solid construction
  • Powder coat
  • Outlets spaced at 250mm
  • Cassette drive with ratios of  1 :1 , - 2 :1 , - 3 :1 , - 4 :1 , - 6 :1 , - 9 :1
  • In-box partition
  • Splash strips for even dispersal over whole area, no drill rows
  • Funnels available
  • Easy to empty and clean box
  • Calibration tray and crank
  • Mountings for all RHS sizes to 100 mm square
  • Sizes at 250mm intervals from 1m to 4 m working width
  • Seed-Fix Adaptive

    Seed-Fix Adaptive

  • Seed-Fix Adaptive

    Seed-Fix Adaptive

  • Seed-Fix Adaptive

    Seed-Fix Adaptive

  • Seed-Fix Adaptive on S Tine

    Seed-Fix Adaptive on S Tine


Extensions supplied as needed


Provision for Bag Board mounting


All bolts supplied


Box mounting

RHS equipment mounting from 65 x 65 to 100 x 100

Seed Fix Calibration

Note Before commencing to seed, The SEED-FIX Adaptive must be calibrated.

Outlets are spaced at 25 cm.

Only four outlets 1m spreading width are used for calibration for all width boxes.

Circumference of the drive is divided into 10 for 10 m2 example 10:1.5 = 6.7 turns.

10 m2 weighed with a digital scale in grams for 25 KG Ha = 25 grams.

For more accuracy after the 10 M2 go for 100 m2 = to 1100 of one HA + 250 grams.

Divide 250 X 10 = 25 KG HA Calibration tray and hand crank supplied.

SEED-FIX 4in1 Keep as is.

TILL-FIX Keep as is.
Metering End
Rate adjuster for calibration and flow rate
Flap adjuster for internal space lock for large seed
Spreader Angles for width setting and flow direction
Single outlet

Seed Fix customisation

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