SEED-FIX 4 in 1

Australian made & designed

Establishing & maintaining


Seed Fix 4 in 1 is the choice for all pasture species and many other small seeds including Lucerne

  • Solid construction
  • The ideal machine for turf production and sports grounds
  • Designed and constructed in Australia for Aussie farmers
  • Boxes 1m to 4 m working width can be mounted on other implements
  • Seed-Fix 4 In 1

    Seed-Fix 4 In 1

  • Seed-Fix 4 in1

    Seed-Fix 4 in1

  • 4 in 1 Agitator Cassette

    4 in 1 Agitator Cassette

  • 4 In 1 Drive End 3 M

    4 In 1 Drive End 3 M

  • 4 in 1 Left

    4 in 1 Left

Establish & maintaining with Seed Fix 4 in 1

Pastures usually provide the only income for graziers & dairy farmers, etc. Without pastures, there is no meat, milk, or wool. Often grazing paddocks contain more weeds than productive pasture species.

This is understandable because it has been difficult to establish good pasture. Often pasture seed is broadcast with a spinner type fertilizer spreader. These types of spreaders cannot spread fertilizer evenly, so how can they sow pasture seed mixes with seeds of different sizes, density, and specific gravity evenly?

Then there are sod seeders and disc seeders of various makes and types. These machines have been designed to sow cereal grains in rows. Modifications have been made to supposedly make them suitable to sow pasture. They are not adequate because of the seed is sown in rows and often buried too deep.

The natural way for pasture seed to germinate is on the surface, in contact with the soil, so why bury the seed. If you bury the seed too deep this is exactly what happens. It stays buried and dies. Then of course sowing in lines or rows does not make any sense either.

If the seed does germinate, the empty spaces between the rows will allow weeds to grow with obvious loss of production. Apart from the effort and time required to sow pasture, the cost of quality pasture seed is expensive.
Sowing with inadequate equipment ads to the expense! Less than optimum placement of the seed reduces production. Why would anyone use inadequate implements for sowing pasture and miss out on yield and income?

The best way to establish pasture is by placing the seed in to contact with the soil evenly spaced over the whole area as opposed to rows! When germination occurs, a blanket cover of new pasture seedlings will ensure the fast total establishment of new pasture. This will help to suppress the weeds and ensure full production much earlier. Achieving this has a significant economic benefit. The best machine by far for this task is the Seed Fix 4 in 1 pasture seeder. This machine is designed for sowing pastures into either worked ground and over-sowing into existing pastures rejuvenate or total re-sow in many instances without the need to cultivate. Seed Fix 4 in 1 is extremely cost-effective and supplied in 2, 3, and 4 m working widths.

No one has a perfect mix of pasture species right through. Every farm can improve their pasture and therefore their productivity. With Seed Fix 4 in 1, this task has never been more accurate, faster or easier.

Depending on ground conditions, high seeding speeds are possible.

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