Lifts and cracks, aerates and penetrates.
The Rehabilitator will help improve soil structure and soil health, which will increase productivity. Use the Rehabilitator instead of Rippers, Rotary Hoes or Power Harrows for more environmentally friendly tillage.

Seed Fix Adaptive

Australian made and designed
Solid construction
Powder coat
Large capacity hopper- 95 litres per metre length
Outlets spaced at 250mm
In box partition
Splash strips for even dispersal over whole area, no drill rows
(however funnels available)

Seed 4 in 1

Pastures usually provide the only income for graziers & dairy farmers, etc. Without pastures there is no meat, milk, or wool. Often grazing paddocks contain more weeds than productive pasture species. This is understandable, because it has been difficult to establish good pasture. Often pasture seed is broadcast with a spinner type fertiliser spreader. These types of spreaders cannot spread fertiliser evenly, so how can they sow pasture seed mixes with seeds of different sizes, density and specific gravity evenly?
Then there are sod seeders and disc seeders of various makes and types.

Weed Fix

Parallelogram weeding implement developed in Australia (also produced in Holland for the northern hemisphere) is a vertical tine power-scuffler and is adjustable from 200mm to 1m row spacings...

Till Fix

Effective weeds management in row crops depends on the best possible weeds reduction prior to sowing.
 One or two passes with the Till Fix will eradicate the first flush of weeds without displacing the layers of soil...

Jang Vegetable Seeders

Precisely singulates small to medium size seeds, while optimizing spacing, saving seeds, and reducing labor. Extremely versatile with a multitude of quick-change rollers available for many different seed sizes and spacings. Will accurately singulate very small raw seed to medium-size and pelleted seed. Can also provide a controlled flow rate of some larger seeds such as corn, beans, and cucumbers. Transparent plastic 1-qt. hopper makes it easy to see remaining seed at all times - no running out in the middle of a row, and the quick-release is convenient for emptying and saving remaining seed as well as changing rollers.


Crop Lifter

The same reciprocating blade, which works so well on the Till Fix, is used in conjunction with hydraulic depth wheels to lift and loosen crops like onions for harvesting and field drying...

Fix Hitch

Fix Hitch 100, 200, and 300 are universally fitting front 3 point linkage kits which are easily adaptable to most makes and models for tractors without loss of ground clearance...
Designed & Built in Australia
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