About Us

Fix Engineering is a subsidiary of Fix Enterprises P/L. and is wholly Australian owned. The proprietors, Mike and Yvonne Fix, have been in farming for over 30 years and manufacturing and importing farm implements for the past 15 years.

“We have extensive experience in fresh market produce, weed and soil management, conventional farming practices, organic and bio-dynamic, and conventional, farm machinery needs,” Mike says.
“We have worked with beef and dairy cattle farmers to improve weeding and cropping practices, worked with orchards and viniculture, broad acre crops and row crops, on beds and on the flat ,all with several things in mind:
  • To reduce the need for farmers to use chemicals and herbicides,

  • To improve soil health and soil management, to promote good farming practices with conventional growing,

  • And finally to make aware that our implements help not only the conventional farmer but also farmers in other fields of agriculture such as organic and bio-dynamic farming.

Our implements cut down labour and production costs. At the same time we are conscious of  the growing need for better conservation practices.

We understand the requirements of growers and the workings of production having been in the fresh market industry ourselves.

Our patented implements are used in Europe as well as New Zealand and Australia.
We have expanded the variety of implements we manufacture and Import  to cater for most farming practices in both large and small scale farming, broad acre, pasture and row crops.”
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