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Row crops Weed Management:

Weeds are part of nature and as such have a role to play in the overall balance of growing systems. Where weeds do not grow naturally, crops won't either. However managing weeds is one of the greatest challenges to agriculture.

  Many different methods, spraying, fallow, rotations, cover crops, grazing and other different forms of cultivation are in use. When cultivating, weeds are returned to the soil. Unbalanced nutrition also plays a role in weed infestations. Farmers are starting to realise that chemical weed management is not a long term solution. Weeds are becoming more and more resistant  to herbicides. Often much higher rates and more applications are required, compounding the problem. This is Nature's way to adapt to change. The more we manipulate Nature the more Nature will find ways to counter our efforts.

Managing weeds does not mean necessarily eliminating all the weed in our crops.  Good crops can be produced with acceptable levels of weeds. Successful primary producers adopt a whole growing strategy in order to successfully produce agricultural commodities. Sustainable weed management is an important part of that overall strategy. Fix Engineering continually strives to develop and improve the performance of implements through trials and consultation with producers.

Weed management implements such as the Weed Fix are designed to manage weeds in row crops such as vegetables and herbs on even row spacings or on beds.

Weed Fix is a modular system adjustable to row spacings of 250mm or greater, working widths from single rows, to many rows and overall widths to 8 m. These implements are available front or rear mounted.

Weed Fix is a power scuffler designed to cultivate between the rows and  move amounts of soil evenly  into the rows, smothering weeds in the rows (Precision ridging). This is achieved  using parallelogram mounted cultivation tools and adjustable depth wheels that continually gauge the penetration depth of the tines and the gap beneath row shields.

For bed grown crops Hug Boards can be supplied.

Similar boards are fitted to the planter or seeder to establish a relationship between the row and the side of the bed for later automatic tracking by Weed Fix .

Weed Fix is capable of managing weeds in many crops, Broccoli, all Coli-crops,  Beans, Lettuce, and many more without the use of herbicides or hand work.

For managing weeds in row crops prior to sowing, Till F ix is a very useful implement.

Till Fix consists of a reciprocating blade penetrating the soil, a rolling cultivator and furrowers. After preparing soil for sowing, weeds must be allowed to germinate if Till Fix is to be effective. Till Fix cultivates the soil without displacing the layers of soil  so weed seed stays buried below germination depth. This provides a window to establish crops ahead of the next flush of weeds.