REHABILITATOR from Fix Engineering

The latest innovative implement from the Fix Engineering range of environmentally friendly, mechanical soil and weed management machines is now on the market. Called ‘Rehabilitator' for obvious reasons the implement is used instead of rippers, rotary hoes or power harrows for more environmentally friendly tillage.

Fix Engineering's Rehabilitator is designed along similar lines as an Italianmachine but with quite a few changes in angles and points and affectability to be adaptable to Australian soil conditions and fragility of some environments. It is specifically designed with the conventional farmer in mind who wants to continue working the land without too much change in his/her working practices time-wise but who knows change must occur to continue to be productive.

The Rehabilitator is also designed for the organic and bio-dynamic farmer for an alternative way of farming that isn't as time consuming as in the past but is just as important when it comes to nutrients, soil biota and aeration for healthy soils and healthy crops.

The Rehabilitator's features are simple: Large tusk tines gently lift and crack the soil along natural lines ahead of the tine shank. This aerates the soil to the full depth of penetration, promoting beneficial microbial action. The forward angle of these tines reduces tractor HP requirements. The sharp chisel-like points slice rather than rip through the surface soil minimising deep furrowing sub soil. These chisel points are double ended for longer usage before replacing. Large tusk penetration depth is up to 500mm and is adjustable.

Smaller tusk rollers at the rear of the implement incorporate mulched trash, crop residue and cover-green crops, feeding soil biota and aerating the soil at the same time. Depth adjustment on the rear tusk rollers is via hydraulic rams and turnbuckles for easy access and ease of adjustment.

The Rehabilitator comes in several sizes from 1.25 to 4.00 metres in length. A two metre implement requires a 60+ HP tractor and all sizes have been tested and developed by Fix Engineering for the conventional farmer moving away from chemical weeding and deep ripping.

Following along European lines of rethinking new strategies to protect farmers' livelihoods, while understanding the need for better soil management, Fix Engineering has a whole range of implements on the market already to help the conventional and organic growers. Those wanting to produce healthier crops in healthier soils and do away with the need for large amounts of chemicals including herbicides have looked into such implements as Weed Fix, Till Fix, Crop Lifter and now Rehabilitator.

Many have bought into the Fix range such as Till Fix and Weed Fix that complement before and after sowing practices and in the case of Till Fix , one machine with a few adjustments and accessories becomes two, Till Fix into Crop Lifter. Most who bought have been more than satisfied with the results. Those who have had doubts or problems have contacted Mike Fix of Fix Engineering and found the solution could be as simple as a slight change in farming methods.

So if you are interested in learning more about Rehabilitator or any other implement in the Fix Engineering range please contact  Mike Fix.