Pre-Sowing Weeds Management

  •   Effective weeds management depends on the best possible weed reduction prior to Sowing.

  • All perennial  weeds must be eradicated prior to sowing or transplanting.
  1. The soil is cultivated and prepared for sowing.
  2. Weeds are germinated before sowing (6 to 14 days).
  3. One or two passes with Till Fix will eradicate the first flush of weeds without  displacing the layers of soil, keeping un-germinated weed seed below germination depth.
  4. Sow or transplant  as soon as possible.

The crop should germinate ahead of the next flush of weeds.

Weed Fix weeds management and implements are used to manage later flushes of weeds if need be. (see Weed Fix)



Till Fix Bow Wave


Till Fix results


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