Accuracy of row placement on beds has never been easier.

Hug Boards bed forming
  The following factors are of little consequence with HUG BOARDS:
  • Bed surface width consistency.
  • Furrow depth uniformity.
  • Terrain side slope.
  • Operator skill.
  • Condition of tractor steering mechanism.
  • Three point linkage condition and adjustment.
  • Planter/Seeder conditionan and wear.

Exact placement of rows by
fitting the low cost
to your planter and seeder:

  • Fix Hug Boards adapt to any shape, size and depth bed
  • Fix Hug Boards adapt to most planters and seeders
  • Fix Hug Boards are lined with high wear-resistant
  • Non-sticking material



Hug Boards can be adapted to almost any piece of machinery. (refer photos)

Hug boards used on the Weed Fix (above) help keep your beds neat as you  weed them.

Variation of the Hug Boards (refer  photos) and Hug Board with shaving blade (refer left above).

The shaving blade allows you to neaten up the beds as you weed them.

Hug Board with Shaving Blade

For more information on the Fix HUG BOARDS,
please refer to the CONTACT US page.