Accuracy of row placement on beds has never been easier.



Sizes: 100, 200, 300

Universal fittings from kits that are easily adaptable to most makes of tractors.

No loss of ground clearance


Hug Boards bed forming



  • Universal fitting.
  • Walterscheid quick-hitch couplings.
  • Detachable lift arms.
  • Side shift option.
  • Hydraulic PTO available.
Walterscheid quick-hitch couplings



Fix-Hitch 100...1 tonne capacity
Fix-Hitch 200...2 tonne capacity
Fix-Hitch 300...3 tonne capacity
Fix-Hitch Compactů
...2 tonne capacity for narrow tractors
Tractor manufacturer axle loadings must be observed.

Front view of the Fix-Hitch 100

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