The same reciprocating blade, but with a metamorphic overhaul, Till Fix in conjunction with hydraulic depth wheels becomes an implement, Crop Lifter that lifts and loosens crops like onions for harvesting and field drying.
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Precise depth management
  • Crop is left in its original growing position
  • No bunching up
  • No wind rowing
  • No bulldozing
  • Operates in large weeds effectively
  • More even drying of onions
  • More leaves left in the paddock
  • No sun burning on soft underside of onions

Better field drying, no sun damage and fewer tops, means less waste and less work for better returns.

Let us show you how one machine can do the work of two different operations, before and after field production, less weeds without herbicides and more cleaner, dryer post-production benefits for better potential sales.

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